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SpaceFX's story began when a group of mathematicians and economists led by Dr. Eric Forsyth Sharp launched SpaceFX Corp. The aim of this project was the research, development and implementation of complex financial systems by means of original mathematical and economic methods.
Eric Forsyth Sharp together with his partner Christine Koni created the Swiss Brokerage House SpaceFX.

In 2006 SpaceFX launches its ECN SWFX.
SpaceFX is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to conduct banking activities. In the same year, the Geneva Forex Event, a monthly event for traders where they discuss the latest professional news and make useful contacts, was launched.

In 2011 SpaceFX Bank becomes a participant of the Swiss Bankers Association.

In 2012 SpaceFX Bank is licensed by FINMA to trade securities.
SpaceFX Bank SA opens in the Russian Federation the first subsidiary SpaceFX Europe IBS AS.

In 2018, SpaceFX Europe IBS AS enters into a partnership agreement with one of the main participants of the investment direction of activity in the Russian Federation, Credit Agricole PJSC, and receives all licenses to work in the brokerage sector and to carry out banking operations. Currently, the company is focused on working with private investors from the EU and CIS countries, being, in turn, one of the main providers of liquidity on the Russian market.
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